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Blair Hickson Riley

  I was raised in upstate New York, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains.  There, I spent my days climbing trees, catching frogs, and swimming in the creek.  In my hand, I usually carried a pen, as I wrote almost as often as I breathed.  My childhood poems and stories were full of images of flowers, rivers, and trees.  For many years, during the rush of college, graduate school, career, and family, I barely wrote a word.  Then, one day, I picked up my pen again, and haven't stopped since.  I feel like a child again, exploring the deepest recesses of my mind and letting my imagination run free.  While my stories are diverse in theme, you will recognize in many of them my deep love for the beauty and mystery of the forest.  Meet me hiking the Green Mountains of Vermont, canoeing the Catskill streams as they flow toward the mighty Delaware, or exploring the nature preserves surrounding my new home, the lower Hudson Valley.  Failing that, check your local bookstore!

Contact me at mailto:blairhriley@yahoo.com