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I've experimented with a wide gamut of children's literature since I started writing works for children in 2004.  Use the links on the left to explore my works, using the definitions below as a guide.

  • Picture Books - My picture books are targeted primarily to ages 3-7, with some spread in either direction.  Picture book manuscripts are designed to tell a story with the help of illustrations provided by an artist ('cuz I can't draw!).
  • Early Chapter Books - My early chapter books are designed for ages 6-8, with some spread in either direction.  These works are designed as a transition between picture books and novels, and are commonly read in the first and second grades.
  • Non-Fiction - Non-fiction is my specialty in adult literature (I'm extensively published in adult non-fiction, but not as Blair Hickson Riley!).  However, I've written very little for children in the realm of non-fiction.  What I have written is focused around upper elementary science.
  • Middle Grade Novels - Middle grade novels are long works of fiction written for children ages 8-12.  Novels are my true love!
  • Young Adult Novels - Young adult novels are designed for ages 13-19.  In addition to more complex vocabulary and writing, these novels sometimes deal with difficult, often controversial, teen issues.


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