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My Early Chapter Books:
The Monster Under the Bed

Justin is afraid of the monster under the bed, until one day he
gathers the courage to confront him.  When his monster starts
crying, he realizes that the monster is under the bed because
he is hiding from his most dreaded fear, the Tooth Fairy.  
Justin and his monster build a trap to capture the Tooth Fairy
and face their fears.  After a mishap or two, including the
accidental capture of a very angry Sandman, they finally
succeed.  Will the Tooth Fairy be able to convince Justin's
monster to stop being afraid?  Follow Justin and his monster on
their humorous journey from fear to courage

Zucchini for Lunch

In “Zucchini for Lunch,” Miranda is excited about the first day of
first grade because she will finally get to eat lunch at school.  
When she opens her new pink puppy lunchbox, she discovers
that Mom packed zucchini for lunch!  Mortified, she forges a
plan with her similarly afflicted best friend Grace to start trading
toys for sweets.  Eventually, Miranda realizes that she feels
worse after eating treats, and instead starts a campaign to get
everyone eating zucchini!  Adding humorous elements such as
a little brother with a penchant for throwing peas and a
classmate with a penchant for throwing just about anything, the
story attempts to entertain and educate at once.