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My Picture Books:

The Yucky Ucky Bump (rhyming)

While putting on her favorite blue party sandals with heart shaped holes, Heather discovers a yucky bump on her foot. Follow Heather on her humorous mission to get rid of the bump, which involves glitter glue, toothpaste, and a host of other unsuccessful experiments.  Will Heather get rid of the bump before it's time to go to her friend's birthday party, or will she turn the crusty, ucky bump to her advantage?

Devinland (prose)

After being sent to his room for pulling sister's hair, Devin travels to Devinland, a place with no rules, no parents, and all of Devin's favorite things.  There, he can fly, go to Knight school, and wear pajamas all day!  Devinland is perfect - or is it?  Follow Devin on this adventure that brings him to Devinland and back out again, as he learns that the power of love and family is more important than any fantasy world.

Prehistoric Pets (rhyming)

Scotty's boring cat is always napping, so he dreams of having a new and exciting pet from the Ice Age.  But will a pet saber-toothed tiger bite?  And how will they ever fit a Woolly Mammoth into the car to go to the vet?  Join
Sammy on this humorous romp through the Ice Age that makes him wonder if his lazy old cat isn't so bad after all!

Sidewalk Seasons (prose)

Nicki watches the world go by from her bedroom window.  In the fall, she watches the children go to school in the morning.  She wishes she could go to school, but she has to go to the doctor, as she has fallen ill.  In the winter,
she pushes her pale face against the window and watches people run errands during lunch, bundled against the cold. Then, her father carries her out of her room to see the doctor.  During the spring, Nicki is starting to
feel better, and smiles at the children rushing out of school to play.  Finally, in summer we find Nicki outside playing ball with her friend Fatima.  Join Nicki on her journal from illness to health.

Piano Gnomes (rhyming)

Matthew is an only child, so there's nobody to blame when things go wrong around the house.  When Mom asks why someone drew bats on the wall with a crayon, Matthew tells her about the Trolls that stole his crayons and
wreaked havoc.  Next, the water sprites flood the sink.  But when Matthew sits down to practice piano, someone starts banging on the piano strings really hard.  He opens the piano and finds it full of Piano Gnomes (really!).  
Will Mom listen when Matthew tries to get her help?  Or will those Piano Gnomes keep making popcorn and cotton candy inside his piano?

Skunked (rhyming)

While rushing to the school bus on a crisp Monday morning, Mom, and Will, and Little Jo are assaulted by the scent of skunk.  Every day that week, they're forced to wear nose plugs.  Will they ever figure out what's making
that old skunk so mad?  Join this frantic family as they figure out why they've been skunked, and try to fix the problem.

Siena's Birrrd (prose)

Siena lives in a big city with buildings that reach the sky.  Join Siena as she takes walk with her mom through the city, practicing her words for every little thing.  Just one problem - Siena can't say the "r" sound.  She shouts "twain" instead of "train" and "ice cweam" instead of "ice cream."  With the help of one little pigeon (ooooo ooooo errrrrrr errrrrrr errrrrr), and a lot of practice, Siena finally learns how to say "Birrrd!"